Saturday, July 2, 2011

32: Rescue

Rescue, by Anita Shreve, tells the story of Peter Webster, who after helping at the scene of a drunken crash, falls madly in love with the woman, Sheila, who caused the accident. Their affair is brief and intense and they end up having a child together.

The story goes back and forth between present-day and the previous 18 years. Sheila is not involved anymore with Rowan, their daughter, and as the story progresses, you find out the reasons that have kept Sheila away.

I liked this book. I thought it was well written and it kept my attention. I cried in parts, and got mad in parts. I didn’t love the ending, as it wrapped up a little too neatly for me. But overall, I enjoyed the book. I give it a 7/10 and hope that you want to read it too!

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