Saturday, July 2, 2011

33: Good Enough to Eat

Good Enough to Eat, by Stacey Ballis, is a very feel-good story. Melanie Hoffman has been married to her husband, Andrew, for ten years. They are both lawyers and both happy, but Melanie is extremely overweight. Through exercise and diet she manages to lose over 145 pounds, but then her husband announces he is leaving her… for someone equally as heavy as she used to be! So, Melanie does what any typical lawyer would do (ha!)… she quits law and opens up a bakery of healthy foods. 

The book goes through her foray into a  new relationship, and Melanie also starts making friends and takes on a roommate. While the book was good, I did not necessarily love it, but I thought it was a good and fun read. I give it a 6/10 stars.

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