Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10: Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven

Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven, by Fannie Flagg, is one of those books that I imagine is better listened to than read. It’s funny, and I certainly laughed out loud, but I think hearing the words would have added a whole other dimension to it.

The story opens with octogenarian Elner Shimfissle's fatal fall from a tree while picking figs one morning. You then hear updates and discussions from the townpeople, and you realize how involved Elner was and how much people loved her. However, while this is going on, Elner is having the time of her life up in heaven. She’s floating around meeting old friends, getting questions answered and generally just having a blast. But, it’s not quite her time, so she makes her way back to Earth where she surprises more than a few people and sets the hospital fearing a lawsuit of epic proportions. 

This book was cute. It reminded me of some of Dorothea Benton Frank’s books. I don’t know if I was the targeted age range for this book, but I liked it. I thought the topic was cute, the sayings and expressions were funny and it kept my attention overall. It makes you think about your own death – what will people remember you for? 

I give this book a solid 7/10. It’s funny, entertaining and I think I would have rated it higher if I had listened to it.

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