Wednesday, February 16, 2011

8: My Summer of Southern Discomfort

My Summer of Southern Discomfort, written by Stephanie Gayle, is a fairly simple concept of a book. Woman lawyer has an affair with a married man at the firm. She takes the fall for something he did, flees New York and into Macon, Georgia where she works at the district attorney’s office. She learns to slow down with life, takes a few risks and redefines her relationship with her parents.

The book works, overall, however, I was not in love with any of the characters. I felt like Natalie was portrayed as this perfect princess (granted, who had an affair, but she was a virgin when she started the affair at age 26) and I just could not relate to her for most of the book. I felt like I should be able to, but the author’s writing style made me feel like information was lacking. 

The whole battered woman subplot, while a very important topic, was kind of thrown in there, like an afterthought. And the part where the dog died? AWFUL. No discussion, nothing. Just, “oh yeah, Captain died.” 

I think this could have been a better book with some stretching out and adding to it. It was fine, and easy to read, but I wanted to be more involved with the characters than I actually was. I give this a 6/10.

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